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Test to Stay

Hello Sheldon Families,

You have heard from me a lot these past few school days and I hope today's message can help clear up any confusion regarding quarantine, testing, and options.

Many of our students are "in quarantine" right now. Quarantine begins the day of the COVID-19 positive exposure and ends either at the 7 day test with a return to school after a negative test OR 14 full days of quarantine/isolation, return to school on day 15.

This means that students in quarantine have a few different choices now:

Option 1. If your student is quarantining and showing no Covid-like symptoms, your student can participate in our new Test to Stay program to potentially get back to school more quickly. Here is how it works. 1. Register for the TTS program. Here is the link for the Consent and Pre-registration Required in Advance: 2. On Tuesday, take your student to the Sheldon Fire Department 479 Mill Street, Sheldon, Test To Stay site open before school between 6:30 and 7:45am. 3. Take the rapid antigen test at the testing site and wait for results 4. If negative, student can come to school. If positive, student will need to continue to quarantine and test at a later date (information will be provided for you). 5. Do this again on Wednesday. Same time, same place.

Option 2. If your student is quarantining and showing no Covid-like symptoms you can make an appointment for a PCR test (doctor's office, urgent care, Vermont Health Department testing sites) and wait for results. Upon receiving a negative test result, return to school. If positive, information will be provided to you.

Option 3. Isolate and quarantine for a full 14 days after exposure. Return to school on day 15 if showing no Covid-like symptoms.

Also, Sheldon and Enosburg are hosting a Community PCR Testing sponsored by the Vermont Department of Health

TODAY! Monday, November 8

Location #1: Enosburg Emergency Services Building (83 Sampsonville Road, Enosburg) Time: 10:00 - 1:00pm Location #2: Sheldon Fire Station (479 Mill Street, Sheldon) Time: 2:00-4:00

Who: These sites are open to the public. Everyone is encouraged to access this FREE COVID-19 testing opportunity. Community members, even if asymptomatic, are welcome to attend.

Registration: These two clinics do NOT require registration. Walk-ins are encouraged.

I hope this helps, Christie


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