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SES Student Photo Release Form

Sheldon School

78 Poor Farm Road

Sheldon, Vermont 05483

Phone: (802) 933-4909

Dear Families of Sheldon Students,

  • Opting out does not apply to the Sheldon School Yearbook.

  • No response to opt out (whether by paper form or the online Google Form) indicates you consent to your student’s likeness being photographed or recorded.

  • You only have to respond if you DO NOT want your child photographed, or, if photos are okay but you do not want your child’s name to appear with their likeness.

At Sheldon School, we use photos and videos to demonstrate what students are learning. Images might include celebrations, lessons, sports, and/or special projects. These images could be used for a variety of purposes, including, but not limited to: the Sheldon School website, our school social media accounts, shown at our front entryway slideshow, or more. This is a great way to demonstrate the incredible things happening at our school with students, faculty, and community members.

Level Red: Stop

I do not want my student to be a part of Sheldon School photos or videos, with the exception the Sheldon School Yearbook.


Level Yellow: Slow

I give permission for my child to be a part of Sheldon photos and videos but please do not include my child’s name.


No reply indicates consent

Level Green: Go ahead

Please download and fill out the Opt-In/Out form below and bring into Sheldon Elementary School


Fill out the attached Google Form for a quicker submission!

Sheldon Photo Opt in_Out Form - 2023
Download PDF • 371KB


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