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Delayed: LEAPS Session #2

Hello Sheldon Families,

I know this has been a rough couple weeks. We have been stretched incredibly thin with many of our staff out, we have students who have had to be out and are on 3 different timelines, and each classroom has its own situation. We are doing the very best we can to keep a steady schedule, focus on your learners and what they need while they are here, as well as answer your questions about next steps for all those in quarantine. Thank you for your understanding, we certainly appreciate your support.

We have made a change to LEAPS Session #2 This program will begin on Monday, November 29th and not next week as previously planned. This is a necessary change from our original plan. Registration forms are due by If your student is still interested in joining our after school program and you do not have the registration form please call our front desk at 933-4909 or email

As of today, Test to Stay will be operating in Enosburg at the Enosburg Emergency Services Building, 83 Sampsonville Road and not in Sheldon. If we are able to open the Sheldon site back up, I will be back in touch.

On a more positive note, student photos are in! They are beautiful. We have not settled on a retake day yet, stay tuned for that information.

Thank you for your continued support.

Take care, Christie


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